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The Vivo Foundation

Making an ImpactIn Our Community

Puerto Escondido is a truly special place. It’s given us everything; we want to give back. We established The Vivo Foundation to help provide locals with opportunities to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Whether it’s advocating for conservation efforts or helping with farming, we want to be the best neighbors we can. Ultimately, we hope that’ll make the Emerald Coast a better place for all.

Foundation Initiatives

  • Participating in a regional environmental organization.
  • Promoting sea turtle preservation.
  • Assisting with community farming efforts.
  • Helping with emergency relief.
  • Collecting donations and building a tree house for a local orphanage.
  • Sponsoring the Youth Leadership Presentation at Puerto Escondido High School.

A Note From
Cary Mullen

"In the very early days, when Vivo Resorts was just a seed of an idea in my mind, I recognized a huge part of my vision for pursuing this dream was to embrace the idea of being a good neighbor. To me, a good neighbor will help, nurture, care for, and celebrate with the people and the natural environment around them. This is the essence of why I chose to establish the Vivo Foundation.”

— Cary Mullen, CEO & Founder of Vivo Resorts