The Vivo Foundation

“In the very early days, when Vivo Resorts was just a seed of an idea in my mind, I recognized a huge part of my vision for pursuing this dream was to embrace the idea of being a good neighbour.
To me, a good neighbour will help, nurture, care for and celebrate with the people and natural environment around them. This is the essence of why I chose to establish the Vivo Foundation”
Cary Mullen, President and Founder of Vivo Resorts

Vivo Resorts

For the Community and the Environment

The Vivo Foundation’s purpose is to be a respected and contributing neighbour in the surrounding area. We’re eternal optimists and believe we ‘can’ help make a difference. We all deserve the opportunity to live a healthy, productive and fulfilling life. Through various initiatives, the Foundation is helping to provide these opportunities. We believe that contributing time and resources towards helping others, the community, and the environment leads to living a fulfilling life.

Vivo Foundation Initiatives

  • Tree house for the local Orphanage
  • Donations for the Orphanage
  • Youth Leadership Presentation at Puerto Escondido high school
  • Participation in regional environmental organization
  • Sea Turtle preservation 
  • Community farming
  • Emergency assistance